Lemniscate and Polarities Massage

A unifying and harmonizing massage for body and mind


The lemniscate is a particular plane curve that was studied in 1694 by the Swiss mathematician, Jacques Bernoulli. In its simple and pure form, it presents itself as an 8, which, when lying down, becomes lemniscate, a symbol of infinity. The two parts of the 8 are strictly equal.

Lemniscate connects the interior finish (organism) to the exterior infinity and promotes the circulation of vital energy.

The lemniscate is this symbol of infinity ∞ that we find in different traditions, but also more concretely in all movements of life (for example DNA).

The lemniscate massage was inspired by Rudolph Steiner in 1861, is a gentle massage, punctuated by the roundness of the gestures and very enveloping.

It is an energetic touch that, through the rhythm of movement in the shape of a figure of eight, symbol of infinity, promotes circulation, energy harmonization and rebalances the flow of energy in the human body.

The movement is continuous, fluid and it promotes relaxation and the rebalancing of our vital energy by harmonizing the energy planes of the body (physical, psychic and emotional planes).

The Lemniscate Massage harmonizes the left and the right, the upper and the lower body and gives the body a very deep feeling of totality.

The practice begins with a natural and precise laying on of the hands on certain areas of the body, then the movement in a circle sets in and begins to heat the tissues, the spiral plays on bone, joint and muscle stretches.

Different combinations are used on the whole body to promote your relaxation and your letting go and restore a feeling of harmony and wholeness.

Lemniscate massage is excellent for people who need to refocus, to come together, especially when they are going through overwhelming and emotionally destabilizing situations.

On the body

  • Draining effect: cellulite, water retention
  • Releases muscle tension
  • Tones and firms tissues
  • Strengthens the immune system

On the psychic level

  • Releases physical and mental tensions
  • Acts on depressive states and stress-related manifestations
  • Rebalances and revitalizes
  • Calms stress

It contributes to an immediate physical well-being, a better vitality, a feeling of very deep well-being.

The session lasts approximately 1:15