Universal Massage 5 in 1

A precious journey between Asia, the East and the West, this care is a true passport to well-being


Based on the classical holistic massage, this massage is a sumptuous blend of universal movements. It combines 5 massage techniques in 1 including the Californian, the Swede, the Indian, the Hawaiian and the Balinese.

Touching, kneading, friction, percussion, vibration, mobilization and twisting, palper-rolling, the choreography is infinite. Stress, fatigue, tension, pain, our bodies and minds are in need of letting go every day.

Whatever the purpose of massage, therapy, relaxation or well-being, the masseur will always use one of the basic techniques of massage. The variants lie mainly in the intensity of the pressure, the sense of touch and the part of the hand used to apply the massage.

The intensity of the pressure varies according to the objective of the massage performed as well as the condition of the person massaged. Movements can be smooth, slow or rhythmic, depending on the technique applied.

The extremely complete massage soothes the mind, releases muscle tension, it also allows you to recharge.

Health also depends on well-being.

Its virtues are many:

  • Deep relaxation,
  • Eliminates the tensions,
  • Stimulating,
  • Moisturizing and toning,
  • Draining and slimming,
  • Soothes the mind: mental and physical fatigue disappears,
  • Increased muscle tone,
  • Improves the blood circulation,
  • Relieves people who suffer from rheumatism, arthritis,
  • Improves joint mobility,
  • Improves intestinal transit,
  • The skin regains its tonicity and elasticity.

The session lasts approximately 1:15.