CellRelease is not strictly speaking a massage like a wellness massage; it is a quantum healing, which is done dressed and which goes to the touch.

These are touches of the physical body and the subtle bodies. The treated areas are on part of the feet, hands, head and spine. The energy also acts on the pineal and pituitary gland.

The energy released unties the energy and memory blockages and knots set up during fetal life.

The metamorphic massage a technique invented in the 60s by Robert St John a Reflexologist, British Naturopath and who worked on the prenatal influences of the mother on the fetus during pregnancy. He discovered that you could create positive and dramatic changes. The gently stimulated locations represent the nine months of intrauterine life. This is the period in which the physical, mental and emotional structures take hold.

This treatment brings a Psychic and Physical Liberation of old memories, external influences, received judgments AND helps you to transform yourself.

The caterpillar takes 7 days to get its head out of its Chrysalis, then it turns into a butterfly and NEVER returns to its initial state. You too, Free yourself from your Chrysalis to become the magnificent butterfly that you are! In this treatment, the practitioner is a catalyst and not a healer. It is the vital energy that removes blockages at the patient’s pace.

The philosophy of CellRelease® and the metamorphosis

By reconnecting us to our prenatal period and working on the physical and subtle planes, massage aims to free us from our old memories, external influences, received judgments, and everything that has shaped our personality since we were born. During this prenatal period, the fetal spine, placed against the wall of the uterus, memorizes every movement that occurs inside the mother.

What are the actions?

  • Reconnects to prenatal life
  • Releases energy nodes
  • Facilitates the passage of energy and stimulates our self-healing power
  • Promotes the development of your whole being which regains its free will and capacity for autonomy
  • Allows us to free ourselves from the patterns of the past that condition our behavior and our choices
  • Gives access to our deep identity and allows our inner truth to manifest
  • Releases the energy nodes absorbed during pregnancy from his mother and his emotions
  • Releases of afferent (ascending) and efferent (descending) lines.

Who can benefit ?

The Metamorphic Massage is for everyone, from children to adults, without any contraindication. From children with sleep disorders, ADD, autism, to the elderly, through those who suffer from chronic pain, pregnant women, or those who are looking for a change in their life.

How long does it take for the metamorphosis to occur?

Sometimes a single session is enough; sometimes more is needed. Usually, seven sessions, spaced a week apart, “allow the butterfly to get its head out of the cocoon.”

How does a session take place?

No need to undress to receive sessions. You are lying or sitting, dressed and comfortably installed. The massage is done on the feet, hands and the back of the head and lightly on the spine. It consists of a slight movement, like a touch.

The session lasts about 90 min.