Who i am?

Julie Chalvin

My name is Julie Chalvin, and I’ve always been attracted and passionate about holistic and alternative therapies since I was a child. In search of inner richness, I was interested in numerology, oracles, tarology, astral and natal theses, then lithotherapy, yoga and all that is related to the well-being of the body and mind.

For several years, I did personal development internships alongside my job as a saleswoman in a winter sports store. This new openness has given me the desire or at least reflected in me what has always been latent, “to be a non-conventional care practitioner”.

Determined to change my life, I leave my job as assistant manager in a sports clothing store and I turn to what has always animated me: therapeutic care, understanding the ills of the body, listening to it and sharing.

I now wish to accompany people to regain their full capacity to be, free to exist through the expression of the self-through (study of humain behavior as a whole).

Making the unconscious aware by expressing your emotions and knowing yourself, thus being in full possession of yourself, is the key to freedom.

I’d like to be a scientist or a detective, I like to search, analyze, cross-reference information. So I realized my dream since my job now is to conduct the investigation through the body and the “mal à dits”.

“Explorer of life and in soul”, I am passionate about traveling, always in search of discoveries, meetings, knowledge, thirst for knowledge.

I graduated in Podo-Fascias Reflexology and Fasciaslogy (therapy on the fascial system), trained in Therapeutic Massages (or Science of Energetic Touch), then in Quantum Bioenergy .

These studies and these many internships allowed me to rediscover myself and to learn that life is only a puzzle, to know how to put the right piece in the right place to finally be one, oneself, united with others and to form only the WHOLE, together.

A wave is only the thrill of the sea, it believes itself to be alone when it belongs to the whole and depends on the whole.





  • Personal development with Valérie Faiola «Spiritualité Grenoble».
  • Certificate of participation Level 1 Bach Flowers at the «Les Harmoniques» school in Lyon.
  • Certificate of participation «Awakening the illuminated Heart», «Eveil du coeur illuminé» with Claudine Kurtz in Grenoble, student and trainer of the famous school of
  • Rosalyn Bruyere and Barbara Ann Brennan.
  • Graduated in Reflexology Podo-Fascias, trained by Maria-Jésus Manzano; MJM Corporation in Sallanches.
  • Graduated in Fasciaslogy (therapy on the fascial system), trained by Maria-Jésus Manzano; MJM Corporation in Sallanches.
  • Training in Quantum Bioenergetics, taught by Yannick Vérité at the Quantum Bioenergetics School in Avignon.
  • Training in Chi Nei Tsang Massage at The Miki School in Paris.
  • Training in «Universel Massage 5 en 1», a creation by Anne MAILLOU at Le monde du massage in Annecy
  • Essene Massage and Energetic Care course vers Pont-Du-Gard, Renato Pappalardo.
  • Lemniscate and Polarities Massage course vers Pont-Du-Gard, Renato Pappalardo.
  • Training and Certificate of participation CELLRELEASE, trained by Sahra TRIGO in Lyon.
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